WaveRiders Technology in a New Age
... delivers advertising advantage
* WaveRiders delivers an established audience that is a combination of Law Enforcement and general public on Internet and radio

* Advertisers with the COPNet family have the winning advantage of National and International product exposure

* Two mass media channels promote each other with no limit on listeners and visitors

* If your product is Law Enforcement related the vertical market you are targetting is a regular listener and/or visitor of the COPNet family

* If your product is directed more towards the general public, they to are a regular. Plus, the Law Enforcement audience is a consumer with everyday needs as well.

* Knowledge of the COPNet family focus and content makes it easy to strategically convey your message to the consumer audience

* Advertising with COPNET is a positive statement about you and your company!

Please email us for your personal password to access the advertising rates and packages available on these sites at sales@waveriders.net.

Please include in the email the name of your company, contact person and the product or service you are interested in advertising with us. Include as well the URL of your website if applicable. Thank you.

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